Grim Fang

Grim Fang the Mongrel Monoki Werewolf

Character Bio - Grim Fang
  • Name: Unknown
  • Alias: Grim Fang
  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: Human - 6' 5", Lycanthrope - 7'
  • Weight: Human - 240 lbs., Lycanthrope - 355 lbs.
  • From: Scotland
  • Affiliation: Mongrel Monoki & Dark Covenant of the United Kingdom
  • Power Class: Lycanthrope
  • Powers:
    • Lycanthropy
    • Enhanced superhuman strength & senses
    • Birthright Cursed Scratch
    • Deity Gift Unknown

Character Bio

Grim Fang is a very charming yet cruel and cunning Mongrel Monoki Werewolf. He is alos the very powerful master of the United Kingdom Region's Dark Covenant. During a party at Erchless Castle in Scotland celebrating the engagement of James Chisholm and Cirilla MacKinlay, Grim Fang noticed that there was something different about Cirilla. Grim Fang and his werewolf drones followed Cirilla and her father, Bram, home to their family farm. The pack attacked the farm, which awoke the beast within Cirray, revealing her werewolf lineage. In a fit of rage Cirray fought her way through the werewolf drones prior to Grim Fang grabbing her by the throat. Fortunately for Cirray, Silver Mane and Akileo, the werelion, came to her aid before Grim Fang could take her captive.