About Lone Wolf Comics

Lone Wolf Comics is an independent start up character-based entertainment company, and home to titles such as Night Wolf, Crimson Dawn, Redemption, and Arcane. Lone Wolf is also a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lone Wolf Media Entertainment, Inc. Lone Wolf has a growing library of over 50 characters with plans to be featured in a variety of media. Lone Wolf utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing.

About Lone Wolf Universe Mythology & Character Types

Higher Power

God, Ala, Jehovah, etc.


Celestials are angelic beings created by the higher power. Each celestial has its own specific power or ability. There are three types of Celestials the Seraphim, the Fallen, and the Mythics. Celestials are creatures of pure power and energy that do not possess physical bodies, but can assume one at will.

  • The Seraphim – The Seraphim celestials are the biblical angels who reside in heaven and serve God’s will.
  • The Fallen – The Fallen celestials are the biblical fallen angels who fought against heaven, lead by Lucifer himself, now condemned to inhabit the depths of hell.
  • The Mythics – The Mythic celestials are neither angel nor demon. They are neutral beings who roam the worlds presenting themselves as deities. Some of the inhabitants believe these "gods" to have shaped and formed the universe. Mythics are the "pagan gods" mentioned in Greek, Roman, and Norse Mythology. Mythics don’t truly exist in the physical realm; they exist in a spiritual realm of light and wonder called Eros.


Eternals are the immortal offspring of a human and a celestial, like demigods such as Hercules. Eternals are born with a super human ability, but an Eternal’s power and immortality can only be activated by a traumatic event, like a near death experience. Eternals are immune to sickness and disease. They heal rapidly, but can die from severe wounds.


Neo-humans are a super-powered sub species of Homo sapiens. The original first Neo-humans are the offspring of a human and an Eternal. Some humans believe Neo-humans are the next step of human evolution caused by nuclear power and toxic waste. Some say they were cross breads of humans and aliens. Others say they are a miracle of God or a curse from the devil. There are few neo-humans in the world now, but their number increase every day at an alarming rate.

Enhanced Humans

Enhanced Humans are born normal humans but somehow has been given special abilities as a result of a scientific experiment, magic, a meare accident, etc.


Werebeasts are creatures that can take the form of an animal and transform into a man. There are many different species of werebeasts. The most commonly known species of werebeast are the Lycanthropes or werewolves.

  • Lycanthropes – Lycanthropes are a race of magical creatures more commonly known as werewolves, whom have been around since before written history. They live in packs hidden all over the world each with a unique breed and culture, worshipping nature and their pagan gods.
    • Monoki – An outcast breed whose cubs are only born randomly once a century. The Monoki are divided into two distinct groups. The benevolent Purebreds, white pelted lycanthropes who serve God’s will, and the malevolent Mongrels, whose hearts are as black as their pelts. They obey Lucifer’s bidding.


Supernatural creatures are beings that should not exist. They are accidents to the natural order of things. These beings are the living dead like vampires and zombies or the dead who cannot rest like ghosts.

  • Vampires – Vampires are sophisticated living dead creatures that have been around since before written history. Vampires have established their own culture and society. There are three kinds of vampires. The Purebloods are born vampires, Halfbloods are humans fully turned into a vampire, and the mindless Drones are humans partially turned. Vampires live in clans assigned to a specific region of the world. Each clan is ruled by a Master Vampire, usually the strongest of the clan.

Lone Wolf Comics Character Group Affiliations:

FBI: Special Investigations Unit

The Special Investigations Unit of the FBI specializes in supernatural and paranormal activity. Their main base of operations is speculated to be located in the fabled Area 51.

Dark Covenant

The Dark Covenant is made up of evil supernatural creatures that have make a pact with the Fallen celestial, Lucifer. The Dark Covenant is broken up into regions across the world ruled by a powerful high-ranking malevolent supernatural creature. In the United States alone there are six regions the Northeastern, Southeastern, Northcentral, Southcentral, Northwestern, and Southwestern.

Gene Storm

Gene Storm, founded by James Crowley, is a top-secret neo-human training militia fighting for world peace. Their base is a safe haven and training ground for neo-humans learn to mast their abilities.

The Failed Experiments

A band of misfit enhanced humans who are the results failed lab experiments wrongfully carried out by Jarrico Inc.. Lead by Crimson Dawn they will stop at nothing until the evil corporation pays for it's crimes against humanity.

Achilles’ Heel

Achilles’ Heel is an original hard-rock band from Philadelphia, PA. Their sound is a crossbreed of hard and light rifts. The vocals at times are raspy and other times carry a melodic overtone. Members include Anthony Martino, Brad Palmer, Tom Bugher, and Brian Blough.

Lone Wolf Comics Character Genealogy

  • Celestial + Celestial = Celestial
  • Celestial + Human = Lesser Eternal
  • Celestial + Eternal = Greater Eternal
  • Eternal + Eternal = Eternal
  • Eternal + Human = Neo-humans
  • Neo-humans + Human = Neo-humans or human
  • Neo-humans + Neo-humans = Neo-humans or human