Akileo the Werelion

Character Bio - Akileo
  • Name: Akileo
  • Alias: Aki
  • Age: Over 100
  • Height: Human - 6' 4", Ailuranthrope - 6' 11"
  • Weight: Human - 245 lbs., Ailuranthrope - 360 lbs.
  • From: South Africa
  • Affiliation: Silver Mane
  • Power Class: Ailuranthrope
  • Powers:
    • Ailuranthropy
    • Enhanced superhuman strength & senses

Character Bio

Akileo, Aki for short, is a werelion whose tribe was located in the savannas of South Africa. Akileo was trailed as a warrior to help protect their lands and the animals from poachers. One day he was alone and caught off guard by slavers. Akileo put up a fight, however he was eventually overtaken. Before the slavers could take him to their boat he was saved by Silver Mane. Akileo swore to become Silver Manes’ travel companion until he could repay his kindness. Decades had passed prior to their meeting Snow Paw for the first time, and Akileo has become one of Silver Mane closest friends in and out of battle.