Cirilla (Cirray) MacKinlay

Snow Paw

Character Bio - Cirilla (Cirray) MacKinlay
  • Name: Cirilla (Cirray) MacKinlay
  • Alias: Snow Paw
  • Age: 18
  • Height: Human - 5' 8", Lycanthrope - 6' 1"
  • Weight: Human - 138 lbs., Lycanthrope - 200 lbs.
  • From: Scotland
  • Affiliation: Purebred Monoki
  • Power Class: Lycanthrope
  • Powers:
    • Lycanthropy
    • Enhanced superhuman strength & senses
    • Birthright Healing Touch
    • Deity Gift Angels’ Judgment

Character Bio

Cirilla MacKinlay, Cirray for short, is a Purebred Monoki werewolf who was born and was raised on a small farm in the Scottish Highlands during the 19th century. Shortly after her eighteenth birthday, Cirilla (Cirray) MacKinlay was unwillingly betrothed to James Chisholm, the son of Scottish nobleman, Roderick Chisholm, in order to save her family farm from poverty. However, a trite fairy-tale ending was not to be as her family farm was attacked by a pack of werewolves led by a malevolent Mongrel Monoki, Grim Fang, which awoke the beast within revealing her werewolf lineage. In a fit of rage Cirray fought her way through the werewolf drones prior to Grim Fang grabbing her by the throat. Fortunately for Cirray, Silver Mane and Akileo, the werelion, came to her aid before Grim Fang could take her captive.

Present day, Snow Paw discovers the existance of a new unique Monoki werewolf, Rodney Marcelli, and comes to his aid against the Dark Covenant. Snow Paw, giving Rodney the benefit of the doubt, takes him under her wing and starts to train him. During their time at her safe houses deep in the Appalachian Mountains Snow Paw gives Rodney his tribal name, Night Wolf.