Silver Mane

Silver Mane the Purebred Monoki Werewolf

Character Bio - Silver Mane
  • Name: Raife Silver Mane
  • Alias: Silver Mane
  • Age: Over 250
  • Height: Human - 6' 5", Lycanthrope - 7'
  • Weight: Human - 250 lbs., Lycanthrope - 365 lbs.
  • From: Norway
  • Affiliation: Purebred Monoki
  • Power Class: Lycanthrope
  • Powers:
    • Lycanthropy
    • Enhanced superhuman strength & senses
    • Birthright Scent of the Supernatural
    • Deity Gift Heavenly Might

Character Bio

Silver Mane is a Viking Purebred Monoki Werewolf who has been battling the Dark Covenant for over a century. He wields the powerful Wolfsbane, a sword of great power, which was forged by the Ancient Pureblood Monoki.

While he and his closest battle companion the werelion, Akileo, are on the hunt for the Mongrel Monoki, Grim Fang, they discover the existance of a new Purebred Monoki, Cirilla MacKinlay. After coming to Cirilla's aid against Grim Fang, Silver Mane takes her under his wing, training her the ways of the Purebred Monoki. Silver Mane eventually gives Cirray the tribal name, Snow Paw.