Rodney Marcelli

Night Wolf

Night Wolf Character Bio - Rodney Marcelli
  • Name: Rodney Marcelli
  • Alias: Night Wolf
  • Age: 18
  • Height: Human - 6' 0", Lycanthrope - 6' 5"
  • Weight: Human - 185 lbs., Lycanthrope - 300 lbs.
  • From: West Middlesex, PA
  • Affiliation: None
  • Power Class: Lycanthrope & Neo-Human
  • Powers:
    • Lycanthropy – ability to assume the form of a wolf or man-wolf
    • Enhanced superhuman strength & senses
    • Birthright Scent of the Supernatural
    • Neo-Human kinetic energy generation during Lycanthropy

Character Bio:

Rodney Marcelli is a high school senior who had everything, a wealthy family, popularity, a beautiful girlfriend, and a full ride scholarship for football to Keystone State University, until the night of his 18th birthday. Rod learns that he is a lycanthrope born into the outcast Monoki breed. Unlike other members of the breed he is neither a benevolent Purebred nor a malicious Mongrel, but something in between. Now caught in a war between good and evil in a time where morality isn't as clear as black and white, Rod struggles to keep his soul from the conflict within.