Crimson Dawn

Crimson Dawn Comics

Dark times have fallen on Arken City during the latest American Recession. Corporate greed and citizen poverty run rampant through the once thriving metropolis. Jericho Inc., a corrupt corporation owned and operated by the cruel billionaire entrepreneur Darien Jericho, ultimately has control over the city and the lives of its people. Jericho rules Arken City unchallenged due to its privatized military-like police force, "public safety" operations, and company owned figure-head "mayor". Primarily a weapons manufacturing company, Jericho also operates genetic engineering experiments and other unorthodox scientific endeavors.

Only a misfit band of escaped Jericho Inc. failed experiments challenge the company's rule. These mistreated misfits are lead by a super-soldier with no memories of his past, but remnants a lost love remain in his mind. Freedom fighters, stopping at nothing until Jericho Inc. pays for their crimes against humanity, they are Crimson Dawn and the Failed Experiments.