Turrorlig Crimsonmace

Turrorlig Crimsonmace the Dwarf

Character Bio - Turrorlig Crimsonmace
  • Name: Turrorlig Crimsonmace
  • Alias: Turri
  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: 3' 10"
  • Weight: 272 lbs.
  • From: Unknown
  • Affiliation: Silver Mane
  • Power Class: Dwarf
  • Powers:
    • Dwarvian Magic
    • Dwarvian Crafting

Character Bio

Turrorlig Crimsonmace, Turri for short, is a Steampunk Female Dwarf who makes her living as a weaponsmith in underground of London, England during the 19th century. She makes weapons and armor for Silver Mane and sometimes join him on missions. Turri is also the one who fashions Snow Paw's battle armor and silver daggers. She frequents the Dragon's Tooth Tavern where her best friend, Elenalue Elwenys, is the owner/barkeep.