Comic Book Title, Night Wolf, In Copy-Editing Phase

Lone Wolf Comics Press Release

Comic Book Title, Night Wolf, In Copy-Editing Phase

Lone Wolf Comics' First Title, Night Wolf, is in the Copy-editing Stage


NEW WILMINTON, PA - In the near future Lone Wolf Comics plans to release its first comic book title, Night Wolf, in both print and digital formats. The beginning chapters of the Night Wolf saga, written by Robert A. Multari, are now in the copy-editing stage.

Night Wolf is story about a young man who on his 18th birthday discovers that he is a Monoki Lycanthrope (werewolf) and is reluctantly thrown into a war between good and evil. To learn more about Night Wolf visit the comic book title's page.

The 12 issue scripts are to be finalized by the time an illustrator and colorist are chosen to join the creative team. If you are interest in becoming part of the Night Wolf creative team please visit the Lone Wolf Submission Guidelines page.

To learn more about Lone Wolf Comic please visit the About page.

About Lone Wolf Comics:

Lone Wolf Comics is an independent start up character-based entertainment company, and home to titles such as Night Wolf, Crimson Dawn, Arcane, & Redemption. Lone Wolf is also a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lone Wolf Media Entertainment, Inc. Lone Wolf has a growing library of over 50 characters with plans to be featured in a variety of media. Lone Wolf utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing.